About Us

Our Story

When looking at the current challenges facing retirees in the UK, and other western countries alike, father and son teamed up to find a solution to allow people to retire overseas at a lower cost and live a much better quality of life. Being able to build a community, and offer a high level service at an affordable price, was of the greatest importance to them. On a mission, Sullivan Retirement Residence wants to offer an alternative to retiring in your home country and allow you to live the retirement of your dreams.

At Sullivan Retirement Residence we are extremely hands-on and are part of the daily life here, where we aim to get to know all our residents, their families back home, and truly understand their needs. Currently living in Cambodia – as British expats – we understand the local marketplace and have established relationships to ensure the whole process is seamless for residents when retiring abroad. Continually looking to improve, we want to work alongside our residents to make sure we are exceeding their expectations and use their feedback when looking to make improvements and changes.

Our Philosophy

We appreciate that living abroad might not be for everyone and circumstances might change. At Sullivan Retirement Residence we have a philosophy that we never want anyone to be somewhere where they are not happy. Therefore, we do not lock residents into any long-term contract. All we require is a two-month notice period should you decide it isn’t for you anymore, allowing anyone to try this extraordinary experience with no commitments.